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Hott or not??

Our members will be the judge!

Hott or not? Apply today!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
PROMOTING You are allowed to promote IF and ONLY IF you promote us in the community you're promoting in as well as provide us the link with your entry.

Rules for applicants:
1. YOU MUST JOIN the community before you apply.
2. You must fill out the application with at least two pictures of yourself behind a lj cut. Absolutely no explicit pictures or you will NOT be accepted. Also if both mods hate you enough you will be rejected.
3. Put "New" in the subject or else the votes you get will not count. This is to make sure you are reading the directions.
4. DO NOT challenge or argue with any members once they cast their vote. If you do you will not be accepted.
5. You can only post an entry or comment in others entries IF and only if you are accepted.
6. Once you are accepted be sure to promote and post as often as possible in this community.

Your application may pend for 1-2 days before getting stamped.

Rules for members
1. PROMOTE! Please. Thanks.
2. Post and vote as much as possible.
3. Feel free to say what you wish in voting within good taste. Example: No racist remarks/etc. Meaning if us mods don't find it necessary, your vote is void.
4. Ask a mod before you promote.

Sum yourself up:

HOW have you embarrassed yourself?
Do you play any instruments?
Why do want to join this community?

What else do you want to share about yourself?

Promote to two communities and paste the links here please: (These will be checked for validation. DO NOT promote in promoting communities as it defeats the purpose to spread the word we're open. However, one promotion can go into your own livejournal if you wish.)
2 + Pictures:


ICONS: ( To put into your profile.)- If you don't know how ask one of the mods ;)

Mod: divadancer987
Co-Mod: cloudytears