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Name: Emily Rhiannon Watts
Age/Bday: 15, Feb. 17th 1989
Interests/Hobbies: Drama Dance Singing Modeling Animals
Sum yourself up: bubbly  friends with everyone
HOW have you embarrassed yourself?: Well last year I made a role in a musical at school....well the woman I played.. had to faint 10 times during a song...well I had to faint and throw my dress up in the air and show everyone in the audience my "bloomers" I had to do that...3 nights in a row.
Do you play any instruments?  I play my voice, guitar and I want to learn how to play the drums
Why do you want to join the community? I want to see if I am pretty enough to get  excepted
What else do you want to share about yourself?  I joined   hopes to prove that skinny girls are not the only pretty  things that can become models
promote to two communities and paste the links here please:

sorry the pics arnt that big

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