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Pictures at the park on my special Bday! I wasn't too happy...

Yay for looking like a freakin pale elf! Wooh!

Now I look like a hooker. Heheh, cool beans!

This was a little while back. Trying to get the blonde hair down to my butt. So fair its about mid-waist. I should have the long blondeness by senior year though, so hurray! ^_^

I'm a dork!

Oh heck ya! This was last night after our choir performance. We all went out to eat and I ended up getting icecream shoved down my my mouth and all over my face (and down my choir dress!!). Damn, we were hyper.  Oh man, I shoulda had pictures taken of me tying cherry stems into knots with my tongue! I got 6!!! LMAO!

The results.... Oh yeah, THATS attractive!! I even got the stuff in my eye!

Oh crap, I'm like, vampire status right here...heh heh

Here I am dressed like a hooker

Hahah Bambi's services are not officially open. 0_o

and thats for closing. I was thinking about putting up some pictures of me with my giant swords and daggers, but I'll save that for another post ;)

Laterz everyone!

Charley Gurl

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