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Name: Kayley
Age/Bday: December 21,1989
Interests/Hobbies: I swim competativly with my highschool and i really really enjoy it . I also LOVE dancing its so much fun and it just releives all my stess:)

Sum yourself up: Im one of those people who wen i dont get a perfect score at school i get upset.lol yes im a perfectionist. im athletic(or try to be :) andi think im pretty friendly.. im not hard to get along with i like meeting new people.

HOW have you embarrassed yourself?: embarass myself.. o i know. when im bord i write my first name with my boyfriends last name... which seems pretty juvinile but i love him.. n yea he saw it and yea it was pretty embarrasing for me.

Do you play any instruments?  I play the violin pretty good i make all county and such, but its not a passion i plan on giving it up for extra courses at school next year.o n i cant sing but i love to:)

Why do you want to join the community? honestly ..the dropdeadgorgues people regected me b/c of my answer about suicide.. there pretty critical bout everything i wanna see if ppl like me and think im pretty without ever meeting me ..some people call that shallow.. i call it curiosity

What else do you want to share about yourself?  umm well you will see my pics so i dont rly need to describe myself. i live in florida love the sun and eventually hope to get into UF. im also vice president of the ymca leaders club in my area... community stuff and such its rly awsome we got to blue ride ever summer and i just love that place in the mountians.
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