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Name: Stefanie aka. kitty and switch :o)
Age/bday: 15 june-8-1989
Location:  clarkston/waterford Michigan
Interests/hobbies: horse back riding, drums, dirt bike riding, riding quads, paint ball, hockey, soccer, listening to music, hanging out with my friends... partying
Sum yourself up: not quite sure what the question is specifically asking for but im 5'2 brown hair brown eyes. if your my friend i can be super sweet. im trustworthy, caring, i listen to just about everyones problems... lol. i love to help out. love to have fun. loyal friend!

HOW have you embarrassed yourself? hahaha, one time we were all just chilling in my best friend drews house and we were bored trying to think of something to do and i was playing with one of those zip ties... and i had it on my finger and i just carelessly pulled it (you know how those things dont have a backward release) and it ended up getting stuck on my finger really tight and my finger was turnign blue/purple and i was freaking out so drew had to cut it off with a knife and in the process it cut me to and i felt like such a idiot.
Do you play any instruments? i play the drums, i lve it. but thats really about it.
Why do want to join this community? because i've been reading the posts and it seems really interesting and fun, everyone is beautiful. and i saw it posted in another community

what do you want to share about yourself? i have a cat named hope, a horse named diesel, a puppy named hemi (redneck i know, lol) my bests friends are Drew (my ex bf. went out with him for 1 1/2 yrs) and amanda (x__321kiss) and kat <3, and jon. i have a boyfriend named AJ. that was kinda weird the way things worked out cuz hes my bestfriend kats brother. i have a 9 year old little brother... and i think thats about it

Promote to two communities and paste the links here please: (These will be checked for validation. DO NOT promote in promoting communities as it defeats the purpose to spread the word we're open. However, one promotion can go into your own livejournal if you wish.)
2 + Pictures:

(not that great, hahaha and my shirt says yellowcard just to tell you guys because everyone asks that)

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